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With the trust and support of Saudi Arabian Ministry of Water, Saudi Ethihad General Contracting & Operation Co. ventured into construction of treatment plants of various capacities in different populous locations of Saudi Arabia.


Initially to begin with, ministry of agriculture and water was the main client. Saudi Ethihad General Contracting & Operation Co. executed hundreds of kilometers of water networks with different pipes such as (PVC, FRP, RCP, DI) in different diameters including valves, main & branch water tanks, purification units, pumping units and all related works.

SAUDI ETHIHAD continued its construction activities in the field of water projects, gained fame and reputation with steady progress and become top among the contracting companies in Saudi Arabia.


We deliver expert services in commissioning, maintenance, optimization, modernization, as well as supply of spares and consumables for many major OEMs in addition to our own legacy brands. Other value-added services include service deionization, de­ signed to help you operate your water treatment system efficiently and adapt to your changing needs.

The purpose of the plant is to recycle the domestic sewage from the whole area of and converting it to irrigation water. The treatment plant composed of screw lifting station, sand filter, wash water lift station, contact tanks, injection and distribution rooms, chlorine room and polymer building including all pertinent electro-mechanical works.


While providing the support services as in house consultancy and electro mechanical jobs of diverse nature to the projects, the division is headed by professionals and run by engineers and support staff who are capable of undertaking and executing any type of electro mechanical projects.



Saudi Ethihad General Contracting & Operation Co. has teamed-up highly qualified engineers, supervisory staff and skilled ad unskilled labour force to handle all works related to operation and maintenance of projects, such as lifting station, water and sewer networks, treatment plants, pumping stations, and other services.



Since 1996, Saudi Ethihad General Contracting & Operation Co. has contributed a lot in the operation and maintenance of potable water. Only a company with experienced and committed staff, modern facilities, proven capabilities, and above all commitment and application to ensure the non-stop service could ensure such tedious and strenuous jobs. Regardless of the type and amount of difficulties arising out of thickly populated cities, desert roads and scattered sites, Saudi Etihad General Contracting & Operation Co. has exerted every possible effort to overcome such difficulties by deploying experienced and qualified manpower, vehicles, equipments, and tools so that work is carried out properly and efficiently. Operation & maintenance of Complete central controlled integrated drinking water system networks including computerised call centre system, water treatment plants, sewer treatment plants with dedicated trained O& M teams


Since infrastructure facilities cover most areas in the Kingdom, Saudi Ethihad General Contracting & Operation Co. responded to the great achievements in the field of water, sewer and storm water networks. Saudi Etihad General Contracting & Operation Co. is currently engaged in the Operation & Maintenance in many projects in different area in the Kingdom.





Saudi Ethihad General Contracting & Operations (SECO) continues to set new standards in the Industrial sectors, offering a complete turnaround service by supplying skilled resources and equipment. This allows SECO range of services from Project planning and estimating, through to safety and quality planning, and ultimately the execution of the work, ensuring a rapid turnaround with minimum downtime for our clients.


We have proven expertise in executing brownfield projects on running plants covering electro-mechanical and civil including shutdown, debottlenecking and maintenance services. Our highly dynamic and competent project teams have been consistently commended for their excellent execution and professional handling of various critical Plant Services projects. We offer the same strong commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency in all of our projects and services.


We do all type of civil works and industrial construction, Construction of multistoried Commercial and Residential Buildings. Our Construction works are as per international standards/specifications and customer requirements. We provide a wide range of expert support services to various construction projects through our pool of highly skilled manpower.


While we can do complete construction, we can also tailor our services to your specific construction needs. Whether it be temporary facility construction, steel structure fabrication and erection, equipment erection, or some modification works, we have the experience and expertise to support you.



We provide a diverse range of Mechanical Construction Services. With our well experienced professionals and resources, we have established a solid reputation of completing projects within time and as per quality and safety standards. The various commendations we received from our clients signify our reputation as a reliable and reputable Mechanical Services provider in Saudi Arabia.



We have developed strengths in conceptual, basic and detailed design in the field of Electrical and Instrumentation. We possess in-house competence for core activities for Conceptual Design, Detailed design, Engineering Solutions, Control circuit schematics, Specification Development, Project Engineering Support. Our network of technical experts & inspectors offers best-in-class verification services, giving our customers complete confidence that their plans, procedures and assets will meet regulatory, and operational requirements at all times.



The Drinking Water 0 &M Division Enjoy Many Years of Success. Saudi Ethihad has contributed a lot in the operation and maintenance services east and west part of Saudi Arabia. Water is obtained either from Desalination Plants or through water wells scattered all over the king­ dom. Since source of water vary, the appropriate methods of operation and maintenance are selected accordingly.

SAUDI ETHIHAD has teamed-up highly qualified engineers, supervisory staff and skilled and unskilled labor force to handle all works related to operation and maintenance of projects, such as lifting station, water and sewer networks, treatment plants, pumping stations, and other services. To clean and safe water is an important determinant. We are specialized in ensuring the viability of Operations and Maintenance of water supply system. We created niche in the market for providing Centralized, Computerized Operation and Maintenance Management for the Drinking Water Distribution Network with call Centre Facility and Implementation of Billing and Payment Recovery System within the stipulated time frame.


Wastewater management and treatment activities which tend to be highly technical, require professional expertise to determine the most appropriate technological solution based on efficacy, costs, impacts, etc. We have experts to look after overall systems operational measures can be implemented with technical assistance.

Using our large range of specialist equipment including modern water recycler combination units and a highly skilled team, we can perform effective maintenance and cleaning of all types of pipeline networks, including sewage systems, sewage treatment plants, potable water, storm water and industrial pipework systems. We can also remove and dispose of silt, grit, sludge and other undesirable waste from wet wells, digesters, pits and tanks, without the need for confined space entry.



All types of IT services are conceptualized and delivered by experts from the respective fields that demand more skills and talents. We engage trained and experienced professionals who can effectively plan and execute plausible solutions as per the client requirements. Some of these requirements world need high level of project management skills that can’t be acquired by people who are just trying out their luck in the industry.



We’ve been developing and implementing electronic security solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. We try to avoid proprietary technologies that tend to limit customers to one specific product line. We offer the flexibility of independence, since we are not a reseller for any one specific product line. Our Security Solutions Include 


Card Access and I.D. Badging

CCTV and IP-Based Surveillance Systems

Integrated Data Storage

Cloud Integration and Backup

Alarm Intrusion Detection

Intercom and Emergency Call

Door Locking Devices

Facial Recognition Systems

Shooter Detection Systems


Fabrication & supply of various items including anchor bolts, u bolts, pipe support, pipe clamp, gratings, fabrication works, etc. as per client drawing and specifications.



We are committed to developing, coordinating and delivering innovative project solutions to our clients in a cost-effective and highly responsive manner. Our contract and project managers use their extensive experience base to continuously evaluate the current and future requirements of a client’s undertaking in order to ensure that the project objectives are always met or exceeded.



We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled labours to support with the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a short, medium and long term basis. We are the licensed agency to provide manpower in our sponsorship to reduce the worries of our customers about compensation, insurance, labour law and accommodation of their employees. Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the businesses and job seekers, we have gained the reputation of being a reliable, fair-minded and straightforward legal manpower supplier.


We provide exclusive and qualified workforce for all sectors like, Oil and Gas, Mechanical Construction, Civil Construction, Electrical, Marine & Ship, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Power and Desalination plant, Information Technology, Logistics, Real Estate, General Trading, and Banking.



We have established its Equipment Division with a vision to provide totally engineered solutions to the logistics industry. We are one of the leading service providers in leasing of construction equipment in the Kingdom with excellent quality of service.We maintain a strong owned rental fleet including Diesel Generators, Air Compressors, Cable Winch, Diesel Welders, Light Towers, Boom Trucks, Dum Trucks, Diesel and Electric Forklifts, Excavator, Grader, Cranes etc.


Our equipment rental-related solution provision capability, strong and well-maintained equipment fleet, operating and technical service support and well-established relationship with major suppliers and wide customer base provide us with a solid platform for our future expansion and long-term growth.

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